Strong Academic Programm


Printed syllabus in the form of a booklet is provided by the school separately for every class. The course, divided for the three terminal examinations, is given in the syllabus along with the names of the text books for each subject. List of holidays, tentative school calendar of co-curricular activities and celebrations, including examination pattern for each class:, are also printed in this.

The academic session begins from April &  ends on the 31st of March every year.


  1. Games and sports.
  2. Cultural Activities - Dance, Music & Dramatics.
  3. Drawing, Painting &Craft
  4. Essay, debate & Quiz Competitions.
  5. Chart & Scrap book making.
  6. Making working models in Science, Computers, Social Science. Commerce & Languages in Annual Exhibition.
  7. Annual Function & Annual Sports day.
  8. A variety of co-curricular activities are also conducted by the senior students through the clubs of various faculties of Science, Commerce, Arts & Crafts, Media, Sports etc.
  9. School Picnics & Nature Study Trips.
  10. Community Service Camps.
  11. Annual excursion Tour to any state of India.


  1. The school provides transport to the students. A fleet of buses carry the students to and from the school. Rickshaws are also provided on certain routes where the buses cannot ply.
  2. A well equipped library with books on various subjects , encyclopedias and periodicals are available for students from classes II to XII , in the pre- primary & primary classes , picture reading & story telling from a regular feature of instruction.
  3. Laboratory facilities are available for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.
  4. The computer Centre provides an adequate number of computers to impart computer education from class V onwards.
  5. A spacious Playground is provided  for outdoor games like cricket, basketball, football, hockey , kho-kho etc. and  a big hall for indoor games like Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess etc.
  6. Audio - visual equipment are proveded to be used as teaching aids and to screen educational & socially relevant programmes for the children.


  1. Mini zoo, Aquuarium & Mini Jungle.
  2. A separate Playground with various swings & slides, Merry-go-round etc.
  3. Sand Pit, Ball Pool & Splash Pool.
  4. Doll house & toy section.
  5. Computer & Video games, Cartoon films etc.
  6. Puppet Shows & Magic Shows.